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What is an Optibox

To provide Phone, Fax & Data to remote or mobile locations without the need for a fixed line connection. The phone and Fax facility provides 2 separate phone numbers (both mobile) for each individual service.

opti network flow chartCurrently, to provide a remote location with the facility to have a complete communications solution is both time consuming and costly.Usually, there is a 2 week minimum lead in time to provide a BT line and then a further 2 week connection time for an ADSL Broadband service.


The optinetcomms mobile site package.


The system can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Faxes can be sent & received using any traditional Fax machine being plugged into our system.

Up to four standard desktop or DECT phones can be plugged in to make & receive phone calls in the traditional way.

The system comes equipped with standard BT points for phone and Fax and a standard rj45 connector for internet access.(LAN)

The LAN connection can be plugged into an external network switch to provide connection to as many computers as required.


Using the GSM mobile network we can provide all three services quickly & conveniently – the system utilises the mobile networks Broadband service, supplying up to 3.6Mb and soon 7.2 Mb.


The system has a 12 volt input and comes complete with a mains power supply, which will smooth any generator fluctuations, and an in car cigarette lighter plug for vehicle use.