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Phone and Data Lines

Optinet can provide your Business with high quality Voice and Data Links onto the BT Network. There are numerous forms of connections from the Analogue PSTN right up to cutting edge SIP Trunks and Fibre Optic High Speed Connections.

dataIf you are looking to upgrade your Broadband, PBX System or are interested in the advantages VoIP has to offer you business then please give us a call, we will be only to happy to assist you in your business upgrade.


BT's Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN is the largest telephone network of its kind in the UK. It's the first and main type of service that most business customers use. The Public Switched Telephone Network is the core of Optinet's service for businesses in the United Kingdom, and a connection to the World. It is based on the analogue connection from the office or site to the advanced network of digital exchanges and lines that is installed throughout the UK.


ISDN2e is ideal for small businesses that need two or more telephone lines to handle their communications. Each ISDN2e line provides two channels of ISDN, each operating at 64Kbps speed. The two channels can be bonded together to achieve 128Kbps speed. Often used with an ISDN compatible phone system for higher quality voice calls.


ISDN 30 is ideal for medium/large businesses. ISDN 30 provides a minimum of 8 digital channels, each working at 64Kbps, delivering voice and data via a 2 Megabit bearer. Each ISDN 30 bearer circuit consists of a 2 Mbit per second 'pipe', providing 30 independent 64 Kbit/s channels (for speech or data), plus 1 channel for synchronisation and maintenance and 1 used for signalling.


Our Business Broadband portfolio offers a range of products for customers of all sizes to connect to the Internet via fast broadband connections. The product range caters for all services, from a single PC, through to a network service for up to 20 PC’s together with a number of value add services to cater for all business needs. Above this number, we would recommend a BTnet Premium service is installed!


SIP is a 'signalling' standard for setting up a session across an IP network. SIP was originally standardised by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It provides a framework of messages that can be exchanged between two endpoints (user, machine or source of content) to establish a session before media flows between them using IP. Higher layer applications at the edge of the network can set paths up across the network using SIP.

This is the protocol that all of our Voice Traffic uses to traverse the Internet - ensuring it is fully compliant and compatible will all other SIP Based VoIP Systems and Hardware. 

Network, Structured cabling services from 1 point to 10,000, Telephone cabling & accessories, Broadband, ADSL, FTC (Fibre to-cabinet aka BT infinity) setup and fault finding, VPN & VLAN setup, mobile broadband.


BTnet provides a flexible way to get your business online BTnet is available in a range of connection speeds, from 2 Mbps to 1Gbps and all the services are fully uncontended meaning you get the full bandwidth 24/7, 365 Days of the year...so no more sharing!